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The main mission of Pxt-search4manuals is to provide you with a simple, fast and free way to unsubscribe from Search4manuals.

Pxt-search4manuals advisors are also available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your Search4manuals subscription or the operation of Pxt-search4manuals.

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Pxp-search4manuals consultants are available 24/7.

You will get an answer within 48 hours at most.

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system where you simply need to indicate the email address you used when you subscribed to Search4manuals. Cancellation of your Search4manuals subscription is completely free and instantaneous thanks to our cancellation system. You will receive an email confirmation of your cancellation when you cancel your Search4manuals subscription.


Professional advisers

At Pxt-search4manuals we make it a point of honour to only work with professional consultants who are already experienced in After-Sales Service. It is essential for us to be able to trust our consultants and the work they do. Our goal is to provide you with a professional and efficient service!

To achieve this goal we regularly organize training sessions for Pxt-search4manuals consultants to improve their skills and know-how. Thanks to this process we have seen the satisfaction rate of our users increase and the response time of our consultants reduced.

Professional support
Search4manuals decided to entrust us with the management of its after-sales service because we are a professional platform and we know how to provide a quality service.
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For us the after-sales service is one of the main points of customer satisfaction, that's why we make it a point of honour to provide a quality service. It is our duty that Search4manuals customers are satisfied with our service.

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