About Us

Pxt-search4manuals is the partner service platform of Search4manuals.com. This allows Search4manuals.com customers to benefit from a service that is completely dedicated to them. This allows them to get fast and efficient answers.

Pxt-search4manuals aims to help Search4manuals.com customers who have problems with their Search4manuals.com subscription or just have a few questions. Pxt-search4manuals consultants will always be there to provide you with the answers you need in the shortest possible time.

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Search4manuals.com has decided to delegate its customer service to Pxp-search4manuals so that its clients can easily manage their subscription and access customer service from a single platform. This allows for easy interaction with Pxp-search4manuals advisors and quick access to the management of their subscription.

A professional service

Our priority when creating this after-sales service was to focus on the professional side because we had noticed that most after-sales services were not serious and therefore did not provide a real service.

For us it is imperative that the customer has access to a support service that provides something. If a Search4manuals customer needs help, it is normal that we help them. All Pxp-search4manuals advisors will be able to answer your questions and give you the help you need!

Contact Pxp-search4manuals

No matter what your request for assistance is, Pxp-search4manuals advisers will be able to help you!
By phone at
02 038 080 429
By mail to
[email protected]
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